Mahbod Majid

I am a first year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. I studied my master’s in the algorithms and complexity group at the University of Waterloo where I was fortunate to be advised by Gautam Kamath.

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Robustness Implies Privacy in Statistical Estimation.
Samuel B. Hopkins, Gautam Kamath, Mahbod Majid, Shyam Narayanan.
STOC 2023. arxiv

Efficient Mean Estimation with Pure Differential Privacy via a Sum-of-Squares Exponential Mechanism.
Samuel B. Hopkins, Gautam Kamath, Mahbod Majid.
STOC 2022. arxiv video
Presented at FORC 2022, non-archival track.
Presented at TPDP 2022.


UC Berkeley, BLISS seminar, November 2022

Fields Institute, workshop Differential Privacy and Statistical Data Analysis, July 2022

Harvard University, symposium Foundations of Responsible Computing, June 2022

University of Toronto, theory seminar, April 2022

Microsoft Research, colloquium, February 2022

University of Waterloo, student seminar, November 2021


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