Mahbod Majid

I am a second year MMath CS student in the Algorithms and Complexity group at University of Waterloo. I am fortunate to be advised by Gautam Kamath.

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Efficient Mean Estimation with Pure Differential Privacy via a Sum-of-Squares Exponential Mechanism. Samuel B. Hopkins, Gautam Kamath, Mahbod Majid. STOC 2022. arxiv video

> Presented at FORC 2022, non-archival track.


FORC 2022, June 2022

University of Toronto, theory seminar, April 2022

Microsoft Research, colloquium, February 2022

University of Waterloo, student seminar, November 2021


Currently I am supported by a Graduate Excellence Award in Computer Science, a David R. Cheriton Graduate Scholarship, and a Waterloo CPI Cybersecurity and Privacy Excellence Graduate Scholarship.


DC 2569, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science
m2majid at